Behind The Scenes Look At Leiper’s Fork Franklin TN

Leipers Fork, located about 45 minutes from Nashville, looks like a small, southern town right out of the movies. It’s a charming, live music, meat and three, pack your lawn chairs, kind of place. Don’t let the size of the town fool you, people travel from far and wide to see what all Leiper’s Fork has to offer. Who would have thought something like this existed so close to the big city? Come check it out for yourself!


Driving the Natchez Trace Parkway, you will follow rolling hills, picket fences, and beautiful country side homes. As you come across the Natchez Trace Bridge, there are places for you to pull off and admire its beauty. There are trails above and below where you can see for miles and miles.

Natchez Trace Parkway

Leiper’s Fork

Leiper’s Fork is known for its artistic community. Throughout the town you will come across many art gallery collections and antique stores. David Arms, one of the galleries is beautifully lit at night. It also have a fire-place right outside where they provide marshmallows to roast.

My favorite part about Leiper’s Fork is that during the summer they have a lawn theatre. They offer free, family friendly movies every friday night. Just pack your lawn chairs. Occasionally they also offer free concerts. They line the main street of Leiper’s Fork with food trucks and have fun for the whole family. Nothing beats gathering around outside for a family night enjoyed by all. Check out their events calendar to see when they are offering their Farmers Market & other activities.

Puckett’s Grocery Restaurant is one of my favorite stops. Its your meat and three kind of place with an unbeatable atmosphere. Its first come, first serve. They have the old style grocery store indoors, with a “bikers stop” outdoor setting. Puckett’s offers a great variety of live music and entertainment. Across the street you will find another restaurant, The Country Boy. It’s known for its home cookin’ so come hungry!

A charming, southern town wouldn’t be complete without their classy boutiques. From high-end finishes, boots, clothing, and famous artwork, Leiper’s Fork has it all.

With the town the size that it is, everything is within walking distance. Locals are as nice as they come. It truly is a magical kind of place. Entering into this southern charm town makes you completely forget just how close to the city you are. Leipers Fork is an absolute must stop if you find yourself in and around Nashville with some free time. If you need a place to stay check out

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Erica Richmond