Honest coffee in Nashville never lies

Honest Coffee in Nashville never lies
Honest Coffee in Nashville never lies

Honest Coffee in Nashville never lies

As much time as I spend making coffee and being in a coffee shop, as a barista, I still love sitting at a cafe with a great latte because after all let’s face it, honest coffee in Nashville never lies.  I say part of the joy comes from not being on the clock.  It’s favorite pastime of mine which carried me through college and beyond.

Needless to say I recently spent several hours at Honest Coffee Roasters located in Nashville, TN and it definitely made our list of Must Try Dining. Again, honest coffee in Nashville never lies, so I had to try it out! I had stopped by to try it a few weeks prior, which to my surprise earned me a $5 reward via email. Although that was what brought me back, I am so glad I decided to bring my things and stay awhile because the spot definitely lived up to its name.

The atmosphere can deceive

They were definitely busy! I snagged one of the last tables in the Honest area, but of course L & L has so many seating options throughout their stunning space, there was no concern there. I found a table on the edge of the area that I felt completely safe and settled in.

Dark wood sets Honest Coffee Roasters apart from the rest of the market, making for a cozy space that makes you forget you’re in a coffee shop. The branding is completely on point down to their mugs and signage.

The menu never lies

While I would have loved to try a cappuccino or a cortado in order to better experience their espresso, I went with an Oat Milk Latte in order to have a drink that I could sit with. I was very satisfied with the drink itself, and I found myself wanting another. Flavored lattes were a nice addition as well. I didn’t get a chance to try their food, but their banana bread tasted homemade in the best way.

Honest Coffee in Nashville never lies

“Whatever you are, be a good one.” – Abe

This quote subtly marks things in the coffee shop, from the serving plates to the Wifi check-in page.  Honest Coffee Roasters definitely pays homage to the strong quote, alluding to the practices of the roasters and the shop. It was a nice reminder that enjoying their coffee meant that you were supporting a genuine, honest coffee shop! It makes for a nice Instagram too!

Honest Overall Thoughts

Pros: Stunning work place, quality coffee, kind employees

Cons: Five Daughters taunting you in the distance! Cons turn into Pros very quickly at times!:)

I will definitely be back to Honest Coffee Roasters on another productive day, with potential to expand my experience through trying something new on their menu. It would be worth it to stop by to buy their coffee too, considering it is a roastery after all and remember honest coffee never lies in Nashville!