Nashville’s Best Murals With Anna Danigelis

“Nashville has so many photo ops with murals throughout the city!” Anna Danigelis I thought Austin was filled with them, but Nashville takes the cake. There are hundreds of others not listed here, but Nashville Public Art is a great resource to explore more. My curated list showcases the murals in more popular neighborhood areas and ones you most likely want to feature on your insta feed. Plan for your next gram and where to eat while you go on a photo shoot adventure with the list below!

Most popular for Tourists:

  •         The Gulch #WhatLiftsYou Wings – fair warning, you’ll wait in a 100 person line on weekends….
  •         I believe in Nashville – multiple locations, most popular and convenient is 12 South

Most underrated: 
Totally a personal preference, but I loved Charlotte Pike’s Off the Wall street art gallery! I loved how they turned a blank canvas on the side of a major road into blocks of art, with over 20 murals lined up side by side.

Now lets begin the Neighborhood Tour of Nashville’s Best Murals

12 South

By far the easiest neighborhood to take the most pictures within walking distance. Walk up and down the charming streets of 12South, with opportunities to shop and eat while you document your trip with mural pictures. I recommend Josephine (fancy) or Urban Grub (casual) for brunch! You can take pictures next to Reese Witherspoon’s store, and sip on sweet tea while you shop at Draper James! Other boutiques to check out in White’s Mercantile and Moda Boutique, and the Amelia’s Flower Truck. 

Nashville Tie Dye Mural

Location: On the side of Corner Music, 2705 12th Ave S, Nashville

I Believe in Nashville Mural

Location: In the Alley next to Draper James, 2706 12th Ave. S

Draper James Stripes Mural

Location: On the side of Draper James


Flower Mural

Location: On the side of Green Pea Salon, 2900 12th Ave. S

Make Music Not War Mural

Location: Across from the flower mural in the Green Pea Salon alley, 2900 12th Ave. S

Nashville Looks Good on You Mural

Location: In the back parking lot of Frothy Monkey, 2509 12th Ave S

The Gulch

Another easy spot to grab a picture. Fair warning, the wings line will be looooong on the weekends. You might catch a break at a weird time, but overall it stays packed. It’s a great thing to do while you wait for a table at Milk & Honey, my favorite brunch spot in Nashville. Or Biscuit Love, another staple for best brekky. Overall Theme: I love brunch. Honestly had pancakes for dinner last night.

What Lifts You Mural

Location:  At the parking entrance to Velocity apartments, 302 11th Ave S


Bright Colored Wall Stripes and Polka Dots Mural

Location: In the parking lot across from Milk & Honey, if you type that in GPS you can’t miss it, it’s HUGE!


Green Patterned Wall Mural

Location: Next to the Mural above, in the parking lot across from Milk & Honey, if you type that in GPS you can’t miss it, it’s HUGE!


Germantown neighborhood has the most adorable brick sidewalks and blooming trees. It’s growing so much, I can’t wait to see what new restaurants pop up around here! I really need to try Henrietta Red, I can’t believe I haven’t yet. But I would still recommend, if that has any validity? I can recommend Red Bicycle for coffee and a dessert crepe – Nutella and bananas anyone?

Kindness Is Mural

Location: Across from Henrietta Red

Charlotte Pike Off the Wall Art / Sylvan Park

This is actually a row of murals on murals on murals, about 20 of them stretching along the block on the side of a major road. It really brings life to the otherwise empty area! I only took a picture in front of a few, but there are tons of other ones to see here! If you drive all the way over here, I highly recommend eating at Avo for a healthy bite to eat (vegan)!

Take Flight Mural

Location: 3020 Charlotte Avenue

It’s Gonna Be O.K. Mural

Location: 3020 Charlotte Avenue


Avocado Mural

Location: On the side of Avo, an amazingly healthy vegan restaurant, 3 City Ave #200, In the plaza across from the Off the Wall Art on Charlotte Pike

Nashville Spelled in Food Mural

Location: 5001 Charlotte Ave, about a mile farther down Charlotte from the Off the Wall exhibit

East Nashville

Dive bar on the East Side, where you you at? Phone lights up my night in the black, come here you can meet me in the back….of 5 points pizza for a photo shoot. Shout out to Taylor Swift. Love you so much. I’ve always been reluctant of the East Side, Austin, TX I’m looking at you, but Tay’s inspired me to explore more. East Nashville actually has some hidden gems like The Treehouse Restaurant and the popular Butcher & Bee. I also get my hair done at Local Honey on the Eastside….can’t say anything but positive for my girl Valerie Lewis!

Dancing Bears Mural

Location: On the side of East Side Cycles, 103 S 11th St

Geometric Shapes Mural

Location: On the side of 5 Points Pizza, 1012 Woodland St

So, what’s your favorite mural? Which one is your top priority while visiting Nashville? If you’re looking for more local guides of what to do around the city, check out Music City Highway!

If you’re a local, what hidden gems did I miss?  I know there are so many others, and will be adding more as I explore Nashville! There’s something so magical yet simple as public art on the street. It makes cities so much more cheerful! It’s a way to get people outside and feel “cultured” even if it’s actually just for social media.

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