Peninsula: A Taste of Iberia in East Nashville

Peninsula is a new restaurant in one of the new built up apartment complexes on West Eastland Avenue in East Nashville. I have had the pleasure of eating there multiple times since it’s opening this fall. The experience is a little unique (in a good way), so I hope me sharing my experience on Music City Highway today will help prep you (or excite you) for an imminent visit of your own.

Choose your flavors, not your dish

The restaurant boasts cuisine from the Iberian Peninsula, hence the name, with some French influence. The menu options are deconstructed, merely listing ingredients, rather than a cumulative dish name. A few examples listed on the current menu: braised rabbit, squid ink, lamb heart, tarragon. Some flavor combinations (caviar with ice cream, olives with oranges) may seem a little unusual, but trust the process.

The menu also changes weekly, so if you’re interested in trying something during one visit, I highly recommend you order it, as there is a strong chance it will no longer be available the next.

Small space, small plates

The restaurant is situated on the corner of West Eastland Avenue and Bailey Street. The space is cozy, and though the exterior of the building (The Eastland Apartments) is modern, the interior features a plethora of flora and warm Spanish decor. The kitchen is open and there are floor to ceiling windows on two of the walls, so there are no feelings claustrophobia even though the space is intimate.

Dishes are served tapas style, as is tradition in Portugal and Spain. The intention is for those to order many different types of . One is also enabled to try as many different types of offerings as possible (which is important, as mentioned before, the menu changes frequently).

Presentation is also a key component in the dining experience at Peninsula. Many dishes are completed by the server once at the table. It makes for a very interactive experience, stimulating other senses beyond taste and smell.

Fine dining details

Haunted by foodie couples and impeccably dressed alt folks, there is quite a scene to drink in – it pairs well with one of Peninsula’s Spanish wines or artisan cocktails.

Peninsula is open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 5-10pm. Currently they only serve dinner but rumor has it that there is a brunch offering in the works. Since the space is small and the demand high, we highly recommend reservations. Visit their website at to view the current menu and to reserve a table and Visit Camille at her blog below for daily dose of fashion!