Rosepepper Cantina: Tequila and Taco Specialists

Rosepepper Cantina: Tequila and Taco to go with your quote?

“A Well Balanced Diet is a Taco in Each Hand.”

“Buy Mom a Margarita. You’re the Reason She Drinks.”

“Eat Tacos, Not Tide Pods.”

“Queso Diem, Cheese The Day.”

If you live in Nashville, you’ve definitely seen the marquee outside of Rosepepper Cantina featuring the quotes above (and many more). This colorful Mexican joint is situated on the eastern side Eastland Avenue, a great little area brimming with restaurants and shops, and often packed on Friday & Saturday nights.

Branded as Nashville’s “Tequila Specialists,” Rosepepper was founded in 2001 and have won several awards for Nashville’s best mexican restaurant and best tequila. The staff is extremely knowledgeable about the types of tequila offered. They offer a multitude of exciting (and sometimes unusual) margarita options, but also a sangria, rum, and mojito. According to the website, they have over 80 tequila varieties.

Rosepepper offers all of the classic dishes of a self-respecting Mexican restaurant, making it a fail-safe option if you’re craving tacos. They also have a small Sunday Brunch menu, if that’s your thing. The inside of the restaurant is maze-like and colorful, making the vibe equally as playful as that infamous marquee outside. Plus, like any good Nashville hangout, it has a large outdoor space.

The space is a good place to sit down & eat with a group of friends, but takeout and delivery are also available if you’re looking for something easy on-the-go. Rosepepper does not take reservations on weekends.

Writing this article in the dead of winter makes me long for the day where I can sit on the patio in the sun and sip on one of Rosepepper’s margaritas. I will just have to content myself with just the margarita part for now until the seasons change.